One Reviewer's Praise for the Apocalypse Weird


I usually don’t write blog posts about reviews I receive. I am writing about this one as it mentions Apocalypse Weird several times. Also, this particular reviewer has supported me as a writer from the very beginning.



Without much ado

here’s the review

For you


Imagine my delight when one of my favorite indie authors (The Three Feathers) joined the unique Apocalypse Weird universe. . .an epic end-of-society-as-we-know-it world of novels that all link together one way or another. Needless to say, my favorite genre+Stefan Bolz=grand slam for Kimberly.

I was not disappointed. Mr. Bolz seems to have found his stride as a writer and his voice as a storyteller. I was hooked the first couple of pages in. The story flowed nicely, and I was emotionally invested in Kasey’s world immediately. We follow Kasey as her typical teenaged world transforms into a nightmare, complete with Stephen King-ish demons and crazed citizens who just don’t know how to handle the end of the world. Kasey and her group are plunged into terrifying nightmarish scenarios again and again, but through it all the author manages to shine a light of hope for the reader through Kasey and her companions. It is post-apocalyptic, but not survivalist. It’s a solid good vs. evil story with a twist of fantasy that delves more deeply into the thoughts and feelings of the characters experiencing a somewhat mystical, though tragic, event than the technicality of survival. And that’s okay. More than okay, it’s a breath of fresh air for the genre.

There is lots of action, and the author keeps the plot tight and direct. I’m impressed with the dialogue, which is realistic and flows nicely when read. Not an easy feat. As always, one of my favorite things about this author is his obvious, joyful passion for writing, his story, and his characters. He lives his story, and doesn’t write it if he doesn’t feel it.

My gripe, my whine, my pout? It’s too damn short! But I am one of those readers that a 500 pager is too short if it’s a good story. On the bright side, there are plenty of other stories in the Apocalypse Weird universe to keep me company while I wait for the sequel.


Thanks, Kimberly, for your kind words. There is electricity in the air over at Apocalypse Weird head quarters. New stories are being developed. New authors are joining our group. There is excitement mixed with hard work and anticipppppppation of what is to come. We are working on a fundraising campaign. Everyone can help push AW to the next level – to reach more readers, to create more stories, and, in true apocalyptic fashion, to destroy more worlds in the process. Give what you can. One dollar. Five dollars. A hundred dollars. All of us at Appocalypse Weird appreciate it very much. To contribute, go here:





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