Thanks for stopping by. Over the years, writing has become one of the major vessels of self expression for me. Within it I’m not drawn to any genre in particular. You will find fables, science fiction, fantasy, crime, horror, general fiction, essays about spiritual topics, non-fiction books and stories, poetry, and more.

Over the years I have discovered an unintentional theme weaving through the writings. It is more or less present in every story. Interestingly, it is also the theme of my life. We all have something inside us that goes beyond our persona, our costume, if you will. It is something greater than ourselves. You might call it God but you don’t have to. I think I started writing to find this within myself. And in searching for it, I cannot but share it with you.

Thanks for partaking in this journey.


Stefan Bolz

(painting “Belvedere” by Hans-Werner Sahm)

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