As with any journey, there is always a beginning. When it comes to publishing, The Three Feathers was mine. It was my first book. I had no clue I had it in me but it happened and boy what a ride it was. The Three Feathers is the story of the most unlikely friendship between a young rooster, Joshua Aylong, a wolf, Grey, and a war horse named Krieg. Together they travel through a world at once perilous and stunningly beautiful to find the three magical feathers from Joshua’s dream. Ideal age for this book is the 3rd and 4th grade and any adult who has not lost their sense of adventure and self discovery.

The Three Feathers Cover
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The Dawning of the True Self came next. During the writing of The Three Feathers I discovered that it was in essence the story of my own spiritual journey, in fable form. The book is part auto biography, part collection of essays, and a discussion of the quest in The Three Feathers to find what lies hidden in all of us.

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While finishing The Three Feathers, I came to know that this was only the beginning of a much larger story and while writing and publishing The Dawning of the True Self, work on The Fourth Sage began. It is part dystopian science fiction and part fantasy. The story is set one thousand years after The Three Feathers took place. In fact, The Three Feathers is a book, the main character secretly reads (all but a few books are banned). The Fourth Sage tells the story of fifteen-year-old Aries who lives in a super high rise that is ruled by a ruthless corporation. Everything is recorded 24/7. There is no crime. There is no privacy. There are no schools. Aries hacks into the main frame computer and for one hour per night she loops her room cameras. That’s her “private time” when she roams the air ducts of the building. In there, she finds something that has the power to change her fate and the fate of everyone in the building. It was an amazing journey to write and I’m more than grateful to have been able to spent time in this world. There are three more books planned and the whole series is called “The Circularity Saga.”

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Next, I believe, came Dark World. The novella tells the story of an angel who, together with her daughter, passes through the boundaries between the angel’s world and ours. Now here she and her daughter are no longer immortal. When a street gang kills her daughter she experiences, for the first time, the very powerful and very human emotions of loss, fear and hatred. Unable to return to her world, she slips further into the darkness of her own wish for revenge.

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I’m a little fuzzy on the time line but I think I was working on The Fourth Sage – Revelations, the continuation of The Fourth Sage, when my friend and fellow indie author Samuel Peralta asked me if I wanted to contribute a story to one of his Future Chronicles anthologies, specifically The Time Travel Chronicles. I had been wanting to have a story in one of them for a while and was very happy that it finally happened. I wrote The Traveler in two weeks and submitted it to him. It would be published almost a whole year later as part of The Time Travel Chronicles. Check it out and please check out all the other anthologies Sam has published.

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Three months after The Time Travel Chronicles came out, I was able to publish The Traveler on its own. It tells the story of a young girl, Tee, who, every day after school, works as an apprentice at her dad’s blacksmith shop. When her father has a stroke and lying on his death bed, he whispers one last inaudible word to her. Following it she eventually stumbles upon a false bottom in an old dresser of his workshop. There she discovers a note book, written by him for her. It entails hand drawn plans, written instructions and a list of materials, to build a time machine. The Traveler has been optioned by a Los Angeles and Kingston NY based production company to make it into a feature film.

traveler ebook 300 new cover
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Next, I believe, was The Journey Beyond Limitations. It combines two books into one: The Three Feathers and The Dawning of the True Self into one volume. I always felt that those two books should be available in one as they complement each other perfectly, at least in my mind.

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After The Traveler I went back to The Fourth Sage – Revelations. I was really planning on finishing it :-). However, life sometimes happens and you are called to do something else. In my case it was the birth of an amazing publishing concept called Apocalypse Weird. Spearheaded by indie authors Michael Bunker and Nick Cole, the project was as ambitious as it was brilliant. It ended up running out of money but it gave birth to many great stories. For me it sparked the idea to a three-book series called The White Dragon. The first one in the series, called The White Dragon 01: Genesis was published in December of 2015. I love that story so much. But even more so, I loved the company with which it all happened. I made many a good friend during those times and wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

The White Dragon 01: Genesis tells the story of an apocalyptic event as seen and experienced through the eyes of Kasey Byrne, an eighteen-year-old girl who until that very moment, was concerned with finishing high school, surfing, boy friends, and other very normal things. But her life had not been completely normal since at the age of eight a stranger had given her an amulet that showed a coiled white dragon on a black surface. Turns out, the fate of the rests on her young shoulders and before the end she will discover that there is much more to her than she could ever have imagined.

White Dragon Genesis Ebook Cover
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In The White Dragon 02: Crucible, Kasey Byrne searches for the white dragon in a foreign world, in the hope of not only finding it but taming it and bringing it with her. But the dragon doesn’t want to be found and time is running out.

White Dragon Crucible EBook Cover
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While writing The White Dragon 03: Alchemy, I got stuck somewhere in the middle and couldn’t continue for a year. At the same time, an idea came to me that was far removed from the science fiction/ fantasy genre I usually write in. Six String is the story of a young girl who escapes an abusive home with only her guitar on her back. It has a road movie feel to it, at least for me. I love the story and more so it gave me the opportunity to write a few songs as part of the book.

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Next came a bunch of short stories. One was called Protector. It was first published in my friend Chris Pourteau’s Tails of the Apocalypse, an anthology of stories involving animals during an apocalyptic event. There are some great stories in there. Check them out:

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My contribution was called Protector. It’s about the relationship between a young boy and a wolf cub. You might get some tissues ready :-).

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The Laws of Peace, the next book, published in 2017, is basically a condensed culmination of the last thirty years of spiritual practice and searching.

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Last year, my Shidoshi at Fighting Spirit Karate gave me an assignment: For my black belt test he told me to create a kata (a combination of fundamental movements in Japanese martial arts) complete with a background story of its full meaning. It was an amazing assignment and brought me a lot of joy. Once it was all said and done, I thought it would be a good idea to write a booklet about the process. Here it is:

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