Keep Your Dream Alive – The Three Feathers

The idea of a rooster searching for three feathers somewhere deep inside a mountain grew from a small seedling to something far beyond itself. During the process of writing it, I realized that I was on my own journey right along with Joshua. How it came about, the momentum it gained while it was written and where it lead me and the characters in the end, was simply astonishing. Several times throughout the process I felt very clearly that my conscious mind had absolutely nothing to do with it and that the story in itself was something that was there already, like a piece of history on a scroll that I just happened to find.  

I was deeply touched at times, moved at others, and couldn’t help but weep profusely during the writing of the last 15 or so pages. In its simplest, the story is, I think, about our search for something more than what is in front of us every day; something beyond ourselves; something greater; something we cannot grasp. 

Everything begins with a dream. Everything. It might be a small one, it might be seemingly insignificant or it might seem outright crazy. But whatever it is, it sometimes propels us to go and search for it, even though we have no clue why and what it is we truly mean to find. We just have this sense that something is missing, that the picture is not complete. And on our way we find friends who are, in one way or another, with us on this journey. Without them it would be impossible for us to find what we are looking for. For there is danger on the road, there is despair and fear and a sense of futility that the quest might just be for naught in the end and that we but have set out on a senseless journey with no purpose. Who has not felt this at some point in their lives?

As Wind, one of the characters in the story, points out to Joshua: “You have begun this journey for yourself. But end it you will for everyone.” In this sense, Joshua’s journey mirrors our own. From the beginning to its end. From a fading dream through a perilous quest and on to its magnificent conclusion.

Keep your dream alive.

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