The Fourth Sage

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   The Fourth Sage is, in essence, a story about the fight between highly advanced technology on one side and the human spirit on the other; between the intuition of a fifteen-year-old girl and the merciless and powerful artificial intelligence of her opponent.


What Others Are Saying


“The Fourth Sage is a wonderful example of the genre, up to the standard of Hunger Games and Matched.” Ellen Campbell

“A Story so compelling, you literally can’t put the book down until it’s finished.” Tom@Grokmusic

“A book for a new generation of fantasy readers.” Crystal’s Many Reviewers

“A timely, relevant story.” Kimberly Llewellyn

“The philosophies and creativity this ebook was filled with were absolutely amazing, and the situations were intense. There wasn’t a single break for Aries, who was met with adversity at every turn.” Undiscovered Tomes

“Unique in a Sea of Generic Books.” Will Swardstrom, Author of ‘Dead Sleep.’

“I have yet another book hangover – So worth it!” Mom of a Boy with Lots of Toys

“I actually took a day off from fishing so I could stay in the cabin and finish the book.” Joseph Felice

“Fast-paced and stylish…I highly recommend it!” Richard Bennett

“The mix of suspense, adventure, and emotion hooked me immediately.” KellyLiz


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