I Have a Dream

I have a dream. This dream began when I first published The Three Feathers. I remember that I woke up one morning and found myself with a single thought that would not leave me during the day. The thought was too daring to even think any further on it. It was too big to even consider writing it down. Eventually, after a few days, during a moment of courage, I wrote one line on a piece of scrap paper and pinned it to our fridge:

“Joshua’s journey shall be known by all.” By all. Not by many. Not by some. But by all. A dream too big? A goal too far fetched? Yes. No. Maybe. Then I realized that there might be a connection between Joshua’s journey in the book and the books journey into the world. There were times when my little rooster friend did not believe it possible that he would find the three feathers from his fading dream. He had many obstacles to overcome, the main one being self doubt. “Who am I do follow my dream and expect it to come true?” he thought more often than not. But in the end he did what he set out to do and he found what he so fervently searched for.

So here it is: it made its way from a single thought onto a small piece of paper and out into the world. It is prayer and promise alike. It is the invitation to dream big and to believe that if it can be dreamt, it can be done.

“Joshua’s journey shall be known by all.”

A very nice recommendation by a fourth grade teacher

Last spring, I had the opportunity to read aloud Stefan Bolz’s book The Three Feathers prior to its official publication, thanks to the suggestion of one of my students.  Although it is not the type of book and genre that I typically choose for my own personal reading, I make it a point to read a variety of text types aloud in class, and we hadn’t yet read and discussed a fable.  Throughout the reading of the story, I found it to be very well-written and engaging, and so did my class of fourth graders.  We all enjoyed getting to know the characters and reading about the friendship that develops between them, as well as making predictions about what the characters were going to encounter and how they were going to get out of dangerous and difficult situations.

In a class of students with mixed reading abilities, I found that all were able to enjoy hearing the story at their own level of understanding.  Some students were able to interpret and discuss the book’s message and theme, and others just enjoyed the humorous and suspenseful moments that occur throughout the text.  As an adult reader, I found that the book reminded me a lot of The Lord of the Rings stories, and I would whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys that series.


Maggie Kievit

Interview with the Blue Stone Press

Lori: Stefan, congratulations on your book. From what you have told me so far it sounds very intriguing. I have to ask you… its main character is a rooster. Can you tell us a little bit about the story?

Stefan: Thanks, Lori. The story is about Joshua Aylong, a rooster, who lives a comfortable life in his pen doing what rooster do, protecting the hens, settling quarrels, and calling out each new day. One night while all the other chickens are asleep in the coop he realizes that there must be more to life than what’s in front of him each day. Something is missing and one day Joshua musters all his courage, pushes away his fear and doubt, flies up onto the highest perch inside the pen and, to the amazement of the other chickens, spreads his wings and flies out and into freedom. Little did he know that what he was about to encounter would change his life forever.

Lori: Would you tell us why you chose a rooster as your main character. Why not any other animal or person?

Stefan: This might sound strange but I didn’t choose him to be the main character. I didn’t wake up one morning thinking that I had to finally write that story about a rooster I have been contemplating for so long. The story, and Joshua, came about in a most unlikely setting: a sand box.

Lori: A sandbox?

Interview with Donnie Light from ebook76.com

The Three Feathers – eBook76 Featured Book – by Donnie Light

I recently had the opportunity to work on a new first novel, “The Three Feathers” by Stefan Bolz. As I gathered the information for the eBook and Print book projects, I became interested in the book and wanted to know more about it. Stefan has graciously accepted an invitation to be interviewed about his novel, and have it be featured on the eBook76.com website.

Donnie: As I was formatting this book for eBook and Print versions, I read bits and pieces of the story as I was working on it. The story seems very intriguing in concept, so I want to know more! First off, I see that the main character, Joshua Aylong, is a… Rooster. Can you give me the scoop on how this character – and his name came to be?

Please continue reading at Donnie’s blog at http://ebook76.com/?p=476

The Great River – The Three Feathers (Major Spoiler Alert)


Dear Friends,

It’s Grey. I am encouraging you not to read this post until you have read The Three Feathers in its entirety. I don’t want you to miss out on an awesome twist in the story.

Having said that, I hope you know that I did not die at the end of my journey with my good friend Joshua. I am very much alive. Life does neither begin in birth nor end in death. It is much bigger than that. From where I am, life as I have known it – as it is know by most – is but a tiny drop of water compared to the ocean; a single sunbeam compared to the sun. I was very surprised to experience it and not in my wildest dreams could I have known what would happen. Which brings me to what I want to talk to you about. During our adventure in The Three Feathers, Krieg had thought about how everything that happened in his life seemed to have been like small creeks and brooks that eventually flowed into a great river and that river lead him to take the leap and leave his limitations behind (you must admire him for that. To even question ones limitations is probably one of the hardest things to do. Ever. But I know that Krieg is preparing an entry that has to do with that and so I’ll better stick to my own topic for now.) 

I had a vision once. It has not been recorded in The Three Feathers. I shared it in a private conversation with Joshua and at the time of chronicling what had happened Joshua felt that it should be left private for the time being. Now I think it will be a great addition to the back story. The vision came to me just before Joshua, Krieg, Wind, Dragon-of-the-Stone, Alda and I reached the cave of dreams, the end of our journey. We had slept close to the river that flowed toward the cave and when I was just about to wake up, I had a vision of that river being the Great River of life. I saw myself walking along its shore, slowly keeping up with its flow. When I looked around I saw friends, family members and others whom I had met throughout my life. They walked with me along the edge. Sometimes one of them would step into the river and disappear into it. At other times, someone would come out the river and join the rest of us. 

I realized in great astonishment that we were all connected through the river. I saw Ayres, my life long friend who had been killed by the vulture, go into the river and disappear. But even though I didn’t see him anymore, I could still feel him next to me. Only during the times when I walked slightly faster or slightly slower than the flow of the river did I loose the connection to him. The moment I adjusted my own walking to the flow of the river, I felt his presence very clearly next to me. And even more so, he did not seem to be separate from me but rather very much a part of me. 

When I let go of my bodily form later on and joined up with my long lost companion once again, I realized that we had never been apart. My grief over losing her had blinded me to the river’s flow and the recognition that most of the time I had either walked much faster or much slower. I tried to run away at times and I almost gave up and stopped walking altogether at others. But the moment I joined with her at the end of the journey I finally adjusted to the flow of the river and I could feel her again. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced. Knowing that she was – and has been – there with me all this time was overwhelming at first. But I found out that the great river can’t lose anyone. There is nothing outside and because there is nothing outside, there is nobody that can be left behind by it. It is there, always, forever, for all times and beyond even time itself. 

Even now, if you want to either slow down a bit or pick up the pace, you might just feel me walking next to you; or someone you have lost along the path we are all on. I know now for a fact that, in the end, we’ll all be together. What an amazing experience that is going to be. I look very much forward to it. 

 Until then, I stay very truly yours, walking next to you along the Great River of Life,


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