Hugh Howey – The Birth of a Legend

Can people become legends while they are still involved in the very process of becoming one?


As a writer, it’s hard not to get inspired by someone who, by his very example, pushes others to become better at what they do. A writer’s writer, an author’s author, Hugh Howey embodies the ideal when it comes to those things. The goal of this post is not to boost his ego. There’s very little ego to boost there. There’s no pretense in the man. Besides, his boat is gonna be pretty small and he can’t take a lot with him on his journey.

I met Hugh a few years ago in New York City during one of his early meet-ups. There were twelve of us. I had never heard of him until the day before when my fiancee told me that she had found this guy on the internet and that he’s an indie author, going to NYC tomorrow to meet people. I drove there. My car nearly broke down but I made it and we had a nice time discussing things I had no clue about, as I hadn’t even published my first book yet.


The guy on the left is Dave Cullen, author of Columbine and a really nice guy also. That time, as far as I remember, was kind of pivotal as it was during those few days in Manhattan when Hugh had meetings with Simon & Schuster who would subsequently publish Wool in the U.S. I followed Hugh’s career from that day forward. He even gave me a boost when my first book came out. That was before he got really busy really fast.

What I didn’t realize until now is the gift his journey has given (and continues to do so) to a lot of authors. He’s very accessible and shares his journey with his readers. As an indie author, that’s really helpful to watch. Not only does it give hope in the sense that if someone has “made it,” I might too, but there’s another level there that strikes a cord within me: If you put in the work, the hard work, the sweating, the dark room with no windows where it’s just you and your laptop, if you stay true to yourself against all odds, if you keep your integrity, you might go further than you think. Your voice might reach further than you know.

Hugh is a lunatic when it comes to creating work. He publishes a LOT. Not only fiction but lately there’s a whole series of non fiction also. He will become a legend, I know it. Amongst us writers, he already is. If you want to know anything about writing or publishing or Amazon statistics, chances are, he can give you an answer that makes total sense. You don’t have to agree with him but you can’t deny the fierce intelligence and passion he’s got for books and the publishing process. You wanna know how to format your next book? There are a few articles out there where he explains it. Like really in-depth explains it. He’s there for us. He’s an open book (yeah, pun intended) when it comes to sharing his knowledge.

So why am I writing this? I don’t have the slightest clue. I’m keeping my head down while trying to become a better writer, a more prolific writer, a more profound writer. It works once in a while. But when it doesn’t, there’s always this guy somewhere out there reminding me to keep going, to type those letters and make them into words and form them into sentences and get closer to reaching my own full potential.

Thanks, Hugh. May your journey be fruitful and safe and freakin’ AWESOME!!!

Stefan Bolz

You can find Hugh… Actually, you might not be able to find him, starting in a few weeks. But you can check in with him here:

OR, read ten questions with Hugh Howey here:

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  1. I seriously cannot believe I am blessed to personally know Hugh (and of course his amazing sister!)! You rock Hugh! Keep’em comin!


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