Apocalypse Weird – A Revolution in Publishing


You may have heard and seen me talk about it here and there – this strange new thing I’m involved in. Apocalypse Weird is its name. It doesn’t sound like much at first glance. Just another thing. I’d like to take a moment and tell you why I think Apocalypse Weird will revolutionize the publishing industry. Never in the history of main stream and indie publishing have you had a group of authors band together to create something that is larger than themselves – a world so vast and exciting, so unique and filled with stories of loss and survival, of life and death, of the brotherhood of human kind and of the apocalypse that might destroy it all.

Think for a moment about all the stories you have read as a child – the heroes and villains you’ve encountered; the worlds you have travelled; the dangers you had to walk through in order to reach the other side. Now think if this world would be dreamed up, made vast and dangerous, epic, and filled with those heroes and villains and stories, but imagine it not being done by one single author but by twenty – twenty of the most visionary indie and main stream writers out there.

As an example, let’s say you’re on your third Apocalypse Weird book and you suddenly realize that there is a connection between that story and a previous one. It’s subtle and you have to think about it a bit but after a while you figure it out and you get it, get that one of the characters in one story is there because of his or her involvment in another.

If you’ve ever watched the TV show LOST, you know it was filled to the rim with those interconnected stories. You’d see Hurley, after winning the Lottery, sitting at home at his mom’s house, trying to figure out why everyone in his life now has bad luck. “It’s the numbers! You have to get away from the numbers!” Loenard Sims screamed at him when Hurley visited his old friend in the mental institution. The lottery numbers of one episode connect to several other stories and story lines throughout the show.

The same thing, but much more interactive, is going to happen with Apocalypse Weird. Because it’s all on e-readers and kindles, and there are links hidden in the text, the readers can access secret sites, gather information about characters, connections, and such.

Twenty authors, together with a team of marketers, an incredible cover artitst, editor, formatter, all work together to create something that has never been done before. Ever.

4 of 5 covers


On February 23rd, five books will be published. You can see the covers of four of them above. Those five books will hit Amazon and all the other major outlets at once that day.

Here’s where you come in: We can’t do this alone. We need your help. Besides getting the books and writing reviews on Amazon, if you know someone at the New York Times, USA today, NBC, ABC, a radio host, TV host, or someone in the industry who knows someone who wants to interview one of us or write a blog post about us or invite us on his or her show, anyone, let me know. We’ve got three weeks and the launch will be epic. As epic as the stories. And you can help pull it off.

Never in the history of publishing had the reader such influence on the success of a project than with this one. You can be there with us. If you know of anyone who could help us, please send me an email. Here is my email address:


Thanks so much!



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