Almost There

We are only weeks away from launching The Fourth Sage. It has been a labor or love to write this book. And I’ve had the great fortune of meeting several truly amazing artists who agreed to collaborate on this. There is Jason Gurley ( who has crafted a truly inspired cover. The cover of a book should always make a promise to the reader. This one, to me, promises danger, a powerful struggle, a heroine who is still young but knows what she must do: she is preparing for a battle that might by far surpass her abilities.


Then there is David Antrobus ( who, as I’m writing this, is deep into the editing process of the manuscript. I can’t rave enough about his work and his professionalism. He’s an all around great guy and wonderful to work with.

Judy Rosenberg Krongard did a beautiful drawing of Aries and Born-of-Night that will be in the book as well. I am including it here even though I have already posted it earlier.


Last but not least, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with the amazing Lawrence Mann ( who drew the map for Aries’ journey in the book. He transformed my more than rudimentary sketch and description into a work of art. Obviously I’m biased but I think this looks amazing. Please check out his work. He is a very talented illustrator, and also completely awesome to deal with (even with a six-hour time difference).


As an independent author, besides writing and interacting with my readers, working with others to bring the vision of the book to life, is definitely one of the highlights. The quality that is brought to the table is awe inspiring. When I first saw Jason’s cover, I thought, “wow, now I have to bring the book up to the same standards.” Not an easy task by any means. David’s editing will make my less than average grammar and spelling abilities shine nonetheless and Lawrence’s map guides the readers through the story (and will make a really cool poster as well).

Thank you all so much for your more than heartwarming support.


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