In Between…

Being in between books is a bit strange. The Fourth Sage manuscript is with the editor, David Antrobus. I can’t touch the file until it’s back from him. Ideas for the sequel, The Fourth Sage – Revelations, are coming in. I have begun to write the first chapter and it is beginning to take shape.

When I think back to what my favorite movies, or better, favorite parts of movies were, it was always the time in the main character’s life when she learned her trade. For example, in Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back, it was the sequence where Luke began his training to become a Jedi. In the first Spiderman movie, it was the time when Peter Parker found out about his abilities and tested them out. In Rocky, it was always the part where he began his training for the next title fight. My favorite fantasy novel series of all times, Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice has a few (awesome) chapters where the young Fitz – a bastard son to the crown – begins his secret training to become the assassin to the king. Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game is basically nothing but training for a future battle. I LOVED those parts. I could read them over and over again.

Okay, there is a point, I promise. In The Fourth Sage – Revelations, I’ll basically fulfill my own dream and write a whole book just with that: Against the backdrop of an impending,  massive invasion of earth through a highly sophisticated alien race, the Eight are being introduced to and trained in their special abilities in order to prepare them for their role in the war. I can’t wait to dive into each of their stories and see what happens.

*  *  *

One other thing I wanted to tell you about: Judy Rosenberg Krongard, my sister-in-law’s mother, made a drawing of Aries and Born-of-Night. In The Fourth Sage, this is actually drawn by Mila. I know from my own experience that it is sometimes tricky to see an image of a book’s characters and compare it to the one you have in your head while reading it. I see the one below as one fan’s rendition of Aries and her hawk. I love it, I must say. But see for yourself.



Cheers and happy reading,


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