The Fourth Sage – Launch Date

Hi everyone,

I’ve received most of the feedback for The Fourth Sage from my trusted beta readers. I didn’t really plan this but it seems as if we’ve covered the whole spectrum of reader ages and backgrounds within this sample of ten. The youngest reader is twelve, the oldest, I believe, is in her early seventies. The feedback was truly surprising to me. I am including just a few tidbits here: 

“You have created a compelling and poetic read, and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

“I love the set up, the excerpts of recordings and diaries at the beginning of each chapter are awesome! Once again, I think you have a winner with your unique writing style.  Your passion for your characters and their plight shines through on every page.  The ending was very strong and definitely left me wishing for the next installment!”

“It’s been a really good reed so far. It’s definitely one of those books that I will go back and read again.”

“up to pg 85 and completely enthralled 8~))”

“I just finished The Fourth Sage and I absolutely LOVED it.”

“Okay, first of all – IT WAS TERRIFIC. The Fourth Sage was really good and I was fully involved with Aries by the end of the first few pages. ”

Obviously there are suggestions for changes as well but those are rather small and easy to accomplish, given that it’s a 400+ page book. I’m scheduled to send everything to David Antrobus, editor extraordinaire,  by the middle of April. May 15th is the launch date we’re hoping for. Might be June 1st but we’re trying our best to be done earlier.

This is truly a collaborative venture. I always think that a story comes from deep inside the collective subconscious of everyone, flows through the writer, the editor, the cover designer, etc, and comes out on the other side to be available to that very same collective. An amazing and deeply gratifying process. I’m thankful to all involved, especially the readers who help make it come alive.



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