Time is a Wheel

I’ve been working on a new header for this blog and came across this quote from The Fourth Sage:

“You say that time is a wheel, turning in its inevitable path;

that nothing has the power to change its predetermined course.

But let there be but one small pebble willing to be impelled into its track,

its direction would be altered forever.” 


The question, “what happens to the pebble?” is a very personal one for Aries, the heroine of the story, and one she asks herself many times throughout the book…

I’m not sure if you have read the “Farseer” books by Robin Hobb. If not, you should absolutely do so. This incredible set of books has stayed with me until this day and has fueled my imagination and thereby influenced my writing immensely. And, yes, I have stolen, borrowed and taken some of the themes in this incredible series, clothed them in different costumes, and included them in The Fourth Sage. They were just too good not be in here. As the “Farseer” books have become part of my life, some aspects of them have made their way into my books as well. Thank you Robin Hobb, for your gift of FitziFitz and the Fool and Nighteyes and Chade and all the others. I owe you.



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