A Quick Update and a Thank You Card

Hi everyone,

I’ve been very busy working on The Fourth Sage. Should be done soon, I hope. There are a lot of threads that have to come together in the final battle scenes of the book and that part will also set the stage for the next installment, called “The Forgotten Future.” Interesting how some of the ideas for the next book have changed some of the plot points in this one. It has taken a bit longer than I thought to write it but the outcome will hopefully be great. The amazing cover by Jason Gurley is a true inspiration for me. The cover is based, in large parts, on one of Chloe’s drawings. See below:


Aries is the hero of "The Fourth Sage", the sequel to The Three Feathers

The other things that kept me busy where the readings at local schools this past month. I spent a morning at Temple Hill Academy and read to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. The Three Feathers is a bit too much for second graders. That’s why, for the first time, I read from another book I’m working on, called Georgia and the Dragon. It was a real treat for me to read from it to the class and the kids seemed to enjoy it. In the beginning of the class, I asked if any of them had an invisible friend. A lot of the kids raised their hands. When I asked if they had names, they told me names like Freddy, Sparkles, Jerry and others. When I asked if any of their invisible friends was a dragon, nobody raised their hand. But one girl said, “I wish I had a dragon.” I think I made one fan that day at least :-). The reading inspired me to work on the other chapters. The complete book should by out sometime over the summer but here are chapters one and two (I will also put them on youtube in the very near future).

cover 1 + 2


And then there was the 4th grade of the Marbletown Elementary School two weeks ago. The students there made me a wonderful card. Whoever drew the front, has a future in illustration and cover design for sure. Take a look:



The next readings coming up are: A 3rd grade class, also at Marbletown Elementary School, maybe a reading at Mountain Laurel School in New Paltz and, in April, The Oakwood  Friends School in Poughkeepsie. There, I’ll talk for the first time about The Fourth Sage. The students are 6th grade and up and as this book has more Young Adult themes (and they told me that they will be talking about Dystopian Literature in the spring) I’ll read two chapters from it and talk about what would possibly happen to us if there were no schools, no government and no privacy and everything would be owned and controlled by corporations. There is also a scene in one of the chapters where Aries, the heroine of the book, is being bullied in the cafeteria. Her reaction and what happens afterwards in the story, should be an interesting point for discussion with the students afterwards.

Stay tuned for updates. If you want to keep up on new releases and other news, please sign up on the right side of the page. Also, don’t forget, The Three Feathers is now on Youtube. I’m working on uploading the last few chapters in the next week or so.

Very truly yours,



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