Just a Brief Update

This is just a quick update on where things are at the moment. The German translation of The Three Feathers is available on amazon.de for the kindle. I’m working on getting it onto other outlets as well. The paperback is going to be ready by this weekend. This translation was a big milestone as now my family and friends in Germany will be able to read the book as well. The book and everything that came from it is such a big part of my life which, up until now, I was never able to completely share with them.

Reading The Three Feathers on Youtube has been a blast so far. I am planning on uploading one chapter per week and more if I get to it. The more I read it out loud, the more I realize that the best way to experience the story might be to listen to it. Once The Three Feathers is up, the next book on Youtube will be The Dawning of the True Self, the companion to The Three Feathers. It depicts Joshua’s journey of finding the three feathers as our own spiritual quest to find ourselves. This has been a very personal book to write as it contains not only aspects of my past and process but also poems and essays on different spiritual topics such as forgiveness and reaching beyond our limitations.

The spin-offs that came from the story of The Three Feathers are starting to take shape. The Fourth Sage, the sequel to The Three Feathers, is almost done. So far, I’ve got about 100,000 words. It is not a direct sequel but in The Fourth Sage, The Three Feathers is a book that Aries, the hero of the story, has read. I am very excited about this story. It took a long time to write but it is taking shape really nicely. After The Fourth Sage, there are two more books planned in this series, both with the same characters as in.

The prequel to The Three Feathers, The Second Searcher, will be next. I have started it already but haven’t gotten that far, mostly because what happens there is influenced by what is happening in The Fourth Sage. In the end, like our lives, it is all connected. The Second Searcher is a true prequel to The Three Feathers as it tells the story of Wind and Leannah and their fight against the evil that has risen in Hollow’s Gate, 1000 years before Joshua. It also describes Wind’s training from a foal all the way to the day when she can go past her limitations and learn to fly.

There is another book in the works, called Dark World. I wrote it during the National Novel Writing Month. It’s a novella of about 25,000 words. I’m hoping to edit it and get it ready for publishing some time this year.

And then there is this other story, called Bound to Fate, that has been knocking on my door. I have written a screenplay about it ten years ago that almost got optioned. I think this would make a great novel/love story. Maybe toward the end of the year 🙂

I am very grateful for your support. Joshua and his friends have built their own ever growing fan base and now that we are venturing out into other countries, I know he will be unstoppable. “Joshua’s journey shall be known by all.”

Yours truly,

Stefan Bolz

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