Keep Your Dreams Alive

Hi there, it’s Joshua.

Since I left my home to search for the three feathers that appeared in my dream, I have learned quite a bit about myself. First, it always seems easier to give up than to continue, especially when it gets dark and the road ahead is treacherous. But trust me when I tell you that it is actually the opposite. It is much harder to give up. If I would have given up, I would have lost my two companions, Grey and Krieg. I would have never known Dragon-of-the-Stone, Broga, Alda, and maybe even Wind. And I would have never found out who I truly was.

Yes, the road was hard at times. Hollow’s Gate was no picnic. We almost drowned. We almost fell into an abyss and to our death, twice. We almost died many times over. We almost lost each other. But in the end, our friendship always pulled us through. We came to know our strengths and our weaknesses and we came to rely on one another more and more throughout our quest. I would have missed all this if I would have given up or, even worse, if I would have have never followed my dream to begin with.

Another thing I learned was that even the smallest and seemingly unimportant part of the journey contributed to the whole. Each part brought us a tiny bit closer to the conclusion. At first, I thought that the journey’s end is what it is all about. Finding the tree feathers, no matter what the cost. After a while I began to think that the journey itself is important, almost as important as the end of it. But then, once it was all set and done, once we had completed the journey and found the three feathers deep below the Storm Mountains, it dawned on me. Neither the journey’s end nor the journey in and of itself is important. The only true important things are the companions we collect on the way. The friendship between me, Grey and Krieg, not only made all this worthwhile, it was the ultimate goal of the journey. The three feathers from my dream pushed me out of my old life. They became the motor. Trying to find the feathers pulled me along. But the ultimate goal has always been to find my companions. Without them, none of this would have made any sense at all.

That much I know.

Yours truly, now and always,

Joshua Aylong


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