The Hope and Longing of Joshua Aylong.

Once in a while, a review comes along that reflects what The Three Feathers was intended to be. A couple of times throughout the writing, and mixed in with the ever-present internal monologues in the likes of “you are NOT a writer, so why not give up now,” there was this thought that the book could be helpful for a few people -the very few who happen to like roosters and who can relate to the sense of self-doubt Joshua felt on his journey. I heard once that if I, as the writer, feel an emotion while writing a scene, the audience will, most likely, have the same experience. Thinking back, there was in fact a sense of hope that flowed through the story as it came out. For me, it was the hope that, once our journey has begun, and as treacherous and dark as it might seem for a while, we will reach our goal in the end. It might not look like it and we might be tempted to lose hope more than once, but the end is certain. We will find what we all have been so fervently looking for.

Today, roughly one year after The Three Feathers was originally published, I can see why it appeals to some people and not to others. The ones who like it, usually love it. I personally think, it all is decided in the second paragraph of the first chapter. If you can experience the very same longing somewhere inside, you’re probably in. If not, you most likely won’t like the book.

“But at night when all was still, when the busy pecking and roosting and strutting around quieted down, when the last rays of sunlight disappeared behind the Great Lake to the east, Joshua felt a longing inside him, a longing he could neither explain nor talk about nor even fully grasp. It was just there whenever the noises of the day ebbed down to stillness; when the rustling and bustling inside the coop stopped and all was quiet. The longing was like a pull or perhaps a push at times. From where he did not know. It dawned on him one night, somewhere between midnight and 2AM when all he could hear was the distant waves breaking onto the shore in the moonlit night—it dawned on him that he was looking for something. Something bigger. Something wider. Something …vast. Something more than what was in front of him each day and every day after that day.”

This is a story for searchers. I think we all look for something larger than ourselves. But we are on different stages on this journey. The book, I think, appeals to a certain experience on a specific rung on our ladder. Some of us might be further along already, others haven’t gotten to that exact spot yet. But I do believe that we all get to a point where we feel, albeit maybe unconsciously, that there must be more to us than what we see right now. The hope expressed in the story is the hope that there is, in fact, more to us than flesh and skin and bones. That there is, waiting for us somewhere in the darkness, a strength that needs to be discovered, a light that shines on us and everything around us. This light reminds us of who we truly are.

So, thanks Jenn, for reminding me why I began the journey of writing The Three Feathers and why I think, everyone will, in time, read it.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful, hopeful story!, August 28, 2013
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This review is from: The Three Feathers – The Magnificent Journey of Joshua Aylong (Light Dreamer Trilogy) (Kindle Edition)

The Three Feathers is a hopeful story about unlikely friends on a challenging quest. I really enjoyed this well-written book. It’s messages of love, friendship and overcoming self-doubt are very important ones, especially at a time when many people feel so hopeless. It’s not an easy task to convey these positive themes in a compelling way but Stefan Bolz has definitely succeeded in this.

This book will appeal to a wide audience but I can especially see 9-12 year-olds loving this story. It seems like a book you would read while you’re young, that would have a big, positive impact on your life. And then I can see reading (or re-reading) this book as an adult, to remind yourself of those positive messages that we somehow forget along the way.

The whole book was very good but I will say that the second half was amazing. I am looking forward to the sequels. I believe Mr. Bolz has many more inspiring stories for us in the future.

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