A Very Nice Review from Goodreads

“Every so often I encounter a book that feels truer and more inspired than imagined or created. It’s as if the author channels a story drawn up from the depths of heretofore undiscovered world mythology. That’s how I see Stefan Bolz’s book, The Three Feathers. In the story, a rooster named Joshua leaves the comfortable and predictable life of the chicken coop and heads on a quest to uncover the meaning of a persistent dream he has about three feathers. Along the way, he befriends Grey, the wolf, and Krieg, the horse and they travel together, inspired and motivated by Joshua’s vision: “Why did you help me?” Joshua asks the wolf. Grey replies, “I do not know the answer…I just knew I had to. The…longing in you was so strong and powerful I wanted to help you find whatever it was you are looking for. Maybe so I could find whatever it is I’m searching for as well.”
I celebrate this idea of the importance of the personal journey, accomplished in some way with others, as a fortifying and essential element to the world. I like the way the challenges this trio encounters are not minimized or skipped over in some way. It’s very lifelike, this ebb and flow of confidence and doubt among the characters: “That you don’t trust your own strength doesn’t mean I don’t have any left. It also doesn’t mean you can’t trust mine.”

“I recommend this book because it’s about family: not just our families of origin but those we choose to have accompany us in our lives. It’s also a book that’s suitable for practically all ages: the story line is engaging and operates on so many different levels yet remains accessible to anyone, with lots of thought-provoking insights that invite reflection from the reader. I think part of what makes the larger concepts more digestible is the fact that the characters are all animals. I can identify the way I want to.

“We need each other, it’s such a sweet reminder: “Even if he found the feathers, what then? It was hard for him to remember how much they meant to him when they appeared in his dream. One thing was certain: if he hadn’t found Grey and Krieg, he would not have come as far as he did. And even more, the friendship between them was what truly made all this worthwhile. It was more than he could have ever hoped to find.”

“So grateful for Bolz’s willingness to “birth” this book into the world. Enjoy!”

Erica Chase-Salerno


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