A Rooster, Really?

The hero of The Three Feathers is a rooster. “A rooster?” You might ask, and rightfully so. Yes, a rooster. He’s a most unlikely hero, I must admit. He can’t really fly that far or particularly high. He isn’t overly smart or strong or fast. Joshua Aylong is none of these things when we first meet him. He does what most roosters do: settle quarrels, protect his flock and call out each new day at 4:45 AM. And yet, he is about to set out on the most magnificent adventure of a life time.

You see, Joshua has a dream. A dream that plagues him every night. A dream of three feathers that lay deep inside a mountain somewhere. He doesn’t know why and he doesn’t know how but one morning – one of those clear and crisp mornings, when everything seems possible – he pushes down his fear of the unknown and his doubts about himself and flies up onto the highest perch inside the pen. And then, to the amazement of the other hens, he opens his wings and jumps. What now begins, is something completely unexpected; something that will change his life and the lives of the ones he meets, forever.

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